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A b o u t m e
T.O.O  D.A.N.K 

1. What is your name ?
Mei... sorta

2. How do you want to be called ?

3. How old are you ?

4. What pronouns do you prefer ? (Gender)

5. Are you a biological boy or girl ? (Boy or girl)

6. Sexual orientation ?
uuuuuhehehe*blush* *blush* 

7. Romantical orentation ?
Anime boyz                               apparently...

A b o u t y o u r L i f e

1. Mental disorder ?

2. Introvert or Extrovert ?
omnivert? Im not really either? but if I have to choose, Introvert

3. How many friends do you have ?
Ive always had a lot of friends, but Ive never really had close ones? 

4. How many friends do you need ?
I have no idea? never thought about the numbers?

5. Do you know them in real life ?
I have some online friends, but Ive never met them irl. (My brother has tho)

6. What do you think about yourself ?
Reigen Nervous Icon  Im a pretty nervous person, but I also always keep it positive with other people. I like helping people to be their best. As patient with other people as I am I get easily frustrated with myself

7. Why do you think this about yourself ?
Years of existential crisis

R e l a t i o n s h i p  s t a t u s

1. Relationship with your school class ?
class started today, but aside from that Im home schooled {Its recent (past 2 years) and has nothing do do with religion (people always ask me about that)}

2. Relationship with your parents/family ?
Im pretty close to my brother even though he's a pain in the ass (he's the older one)

3. Are you in a relationship ?
with myself

4. Boy or girl ?

5. Relationship with your friends ?
I try to keep in contact with everyone, but its difficult sometimes

6. Relationship with yourself ?
Im finenervous neko emoji nervous neko emoji nervous neko emoji 

S o m e t h i n g R a n d o m

1. Do you have weird dreams ?
oooooooh boi,  all the time theyre always really detailed and feel almost real, both bad ones and good ones

2. Day or night ?
I really like daytime but I stay up too late to actually see the day

3. Which job do you have/want to get ?
Im not really sure but storytelling is my life. Im just not sure what medium to tell them in

4. Do you have pets ?
yesss, I have a doggo (she's doesnt live with me rn and its killing me)

5. Do you want to have babies ?
.............? not really...? I mean kinda.........? Its not something I have to worry about at my age??? so not rn???????

6. How many ? Boy or girl ?
boys are easier to deal with.

7. Are you ill right now?
A tiny bit, Im still getting over a Really bad cold

8. Moody ?
I say no, but I probably am... Ive been told about my temper

9. How are you now ?

10. Your country ?
the US

11. Someone you REALLY love ?
Dogs.... (also cats, but dont tell the dogs)
kakashi's gone by radrabbiittother peoples OCs always make me smile

Image result for naruto gifImage result for mushishi gifImage result for kiki gif

12. Do you have a crush ?
kinda, but not really....

13. Why did you answer my questions ?
Away Demon! 

14. Did you enjoy my quiz ?
ye, had some weird questions tho..

15. Do you want to tag some friends ?

            ~I was tagged by  radrabbiitt  ~


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